Split system airconditioners can be installed in a variety of different ways, to suit your individual needs.

  1. Standard back to back installation - this is what you are quoted on in a standard situation. The indoor unit is mounted on the inside of a double brick cavity wall ,the pipesgo through the wall and down to the condensor (outdoor unit) on the ground directly below. There must be concrete, paving or slabs for the condensor to sit on. 3m of pipe, 15m electrical (3.5kw and above ) and 1 x 2m lengh of pipe cover is included.
  2. Back to back plus brackets - same as above ,except instead of the condensor sitting on the ground it is mounted on a set of powdercoated wall brackets (with rubber mounts) on the wall directly behind the indoor unit .Extra cost for wall brackets is $90 inc gst.
  3. Roof mount condensor - The condensor can sometimes be mounted on the roof if there is no suitable place to locate it. This type of installation can cost between $250 - $300 extra. We must be told in advance if you inend to install your condensor on the roof so we can schedule enough extra time to complete job.
  4. Pipes through roof - this can be done in some situations, but you should speak to us if you are thinking of this and we can, with you, work out if this is feasable. Remember 3m pipe is included in standard installations .Extra pipe is charged at $50 per m.

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